Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Party, Session One, Results

And here's what was sent to the (adult) players as the epilogue/XP&T report:

OUTCOME, Adventure 1 

Dire rats: elf 1, drow 2, dwarf 4 (35)
Ghoul: elf (125)
Animated Books: drow 1, dwarf 2 (20)
Animated Broom: elf (10)
viper: druid (friendship) (6)
Shrieker: elf (50)
Suto Lore: elf and drow (350)
Ogre: drow (140)
Bear: druid (friendship) (200)
XP From Mobs: 936 xp

1155 sp from Ogre (115.5)
Ghoul Sarcophagus:
1 onyx (50 gp)
2 tiger eye (50 gp)
1 Bloodstone (50 gp)
1 moonstone (50 gp)
1 quartz (10 gp)
2 obsidian (20 gp)
1 onyx (50 gp)
1 Agate (25 gp)
4 amethysts (400)
Silver Circle 1200sp (600)
4 Silver Ingots (200)
Frog Statue Eyes, Yellow Topaz, 500 each (1000)
Coin/Gems: 2620 gp, 5 sp

4 crates of glassware (200)  (5 stone each)
1 crates of monster parts (300) (5 stone each)
Thick leather snake-handling gloves (1)
Large studded leather (poor condition) (10, scrap)
Ring of 10 Keys (no intrinsic value)
Supplies/Mundane: 1111 gp

Holy Symbol, Myrra, Goddess of Good Luck, 60gp
Holy Symbol, Hounm, Patron of Restful Dead, 130gp
Holy Symbol, Ioto, Welcomer of Souls, 75gp
Holy Symbol, Parsol, Light of the Path of Death, 80gp
These were the holy symbols around Tulwar’s tomb;
chosen and laid in a manner as if the buriers of Tulwar
were afraid he’d wake up and come after them.
Objets d’Art: 345 gp

1 blank spellbook, 20gp
1 diary of Suto Lore, conjuror, may be of value to a historian
A quick scan of this book while the drow and dwarf figure out how to get the bulkier loot up the ladder hole tells the story first of Erasmus Lore; conjuror, who for some years worked with a demon named Frogroth, to summon Frogroth’s master to the Material Plane, and then utilizing an ancient tome called the Codex Ilyirum. Personal details on Erasmus are few, but it does mention an estranged son who he’d wished to train. The diary penned by Erasmus ends suddenly some 18 years ago.
It picks up 2 years ago, in another handwriting. Suto Lore tells a story of being contacted by an entity he calls the ‘Voice’, and being led to his father’s workshop here under the earth, where work once again begins on summoning Frogroth. Suto does not have the arcane power to do so, but states with the help of the ‘Voice’, a recently purchased scroll, the Codex, and a collection of townsfolk for sacrifice, feels he will be successful. The Voice speaks to him now from the small pit in front of the giant rough-carved frog statue.
The Codex Ilyirum is on Suto’s desk. There is no sign of a magical scroll in any of the rooms.

1 Codex Ilyirum
You feel uncomfortable even glancing at this book. The druid feels queasy in it’s presence. Salizard, the viper familiar, desires merely to touch it, muttering of secrets of the lower planes. You have no guesses as to it’s worth.

84 other books; subjects range from:
• conjuration/summoning magic
• encyclopedias of lesser daemons, demons, devils, rakshashas, demodands, and other fiends
• potion creation manuals and research
• effective summoning circles by type, mostly lower planes denizens
• histories of the local area
• various magical theory books
The magic-related books would have a value of 2,500gp to a buyer wanting to further stock a library for the purposes of magical research (or valid for that amount for a PC funding a library). This includes the loose sheets recovered from his desk detailing work-in-progress.

2 Potions, Cloudy Grey
Potion, Speckled Purple
Potion, Swirly Red
2 Potions, Bright Blue
Dagger, Magical, Silver, inscribed ‘Feysight’ in Elvish
Longsword, Magical, Dragonbone, blade is carved with tiny, detailed battle scenes
Two Handed Sword, Magical, Electrum, inscribed ‘Glutton’ in Old Common
Axe, Magical, Adamant. This axe has hammer faces perpendicularly across the end of the haft to the axe blades; the faces bear the Dwarvish runes for ‘Flee’ or ‘Back’, depending on context.
Dwarven Chain, Adamant (pc3 is wearing this); unmagical, +1 AC over regular chain.

Unused magical devices or potions can be sold for XP.

XP From Mobs: 936 gp
Coin/Gems: 2620.5 gp == 2620 XP
Supplies/Mundane: 1111 gp == 1111 XP WHEN SOLD*
Objets d’Art: 345 gp == 345 XP WHEN SOLD*
Books, Tomes, Other Literature: 2520 gp == 2520 XP WHEN SOLD*
*Sale prices determined at time of sale by local market. Larger cities have better options.
IMMEDIATE XP: 3556 (547 per PC, 274 per Henchmen)
MARKETABLE XP: 3976* (610 per PC, 305 per Henchmen)

There's slightly more XP in here than necessary. I'm not gonna be a stickler with kids, we may not be doing this in a year (or a month), so there's no need to pace ourselves.

Return to Lankhmar

I purchased the Lankhmar series in Ebook ($35 from Baen's website) and have been reading through - I'm nearing the end of Book 4, Swords Against Wizardry, in which the duo find themselves in Quarmall.

I'd read these piecemeal before, when younger, but coming at it now, I much more appreciate the 'Appendix N-ness' of the stories, and see what bits were lifted almost wholesale for DND.

I'll say this - it really makes me want to play the DCC RPG.

The metal band Cirith Ungol have a couple of songs entitled after Lieber's works; so I'm still following my unofficial rule of song lyrics (or titles, in this case) as post titles for non-play posts.