Domains At War Strategic Situation Roll20 Templates

Roll20 Templates for Domains At War

I've created a series of templates to aid in setting up Domains At War battles in Roll20.

After downloading these (links below), set up a page in Roll20 to do battle upon.

You'll want to create a Hex (V) type page, with a page size of 27 by 19 - this makes no sense, I know, but this is how it comes out right to D@W's hex grid.

Color, background, opacity, whatever you like.

Upload the picture to your Roll20 library, and add it to the "Background/Map" layer.

It'll show up pretty small, but don't worry.

Right click the image, and hit Advanced -> "Is Drawing". That gets it to stop snapping to the grid.

Right click again, hit Advanced -> "Set Dimensions". Set the width to 1883 pixels, and the height to 1295 pixels.

Now, simply move the image until one of the 3-hex patterns in the corners match up to the corresponding corner on Roll20's hex grid.

And there you are - nice boxes to set your units in.

I've included short notes on deployment restrictions. The orange box represents the 'out of bounds' line.

In all cases, the "red" army is the offensive army for ambushes, envelopments, etc.

You can download a ZIP file of all the images (these are all extremely small).

I welcome any questions, corrections, or suggestions for improvement.

I hope you find these useful.

Blank Deployment - Edge Only

Pitched Battle

Meeting Engagement

Rear Guard Action




Deep Envelopment

Rear Guard Envelopment

And, in high beta, a test unit generated programatically:

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