Friday, December 22, 2017

The world is yours.

(had to retitle the post, can't believe I missed a chance at a Motorhead reference?)

For Christmas, I give you the world:

or an approximation on 96 mile (approximately) hexes.

I've gotten my hex map project to a point where I'm using it in-game; and rather than go down my next rabbit-hole of figuring out the effects of population on forest coverage (and thereby illustrating the concentrations of population on the map itself, vs trackless forest), I thought I'd take a stab at replacing another bit of my toolchain with my own code - the one that takes the spherical grid and aligns it to a classic 'flat' hex map grid.

That's the initial result.

Few things to note:

  • The grey-blue or whatever was marking out 96 mile hexes fully within the 0-200m bathymetry of the ocean. Those 'lines' are where the code tripped on the fact some of the shapefiles are broken up into individual shapes.
  • The triangular inclusions into the map is where pentagons exist on the grid; the pentagons are what allow it to 'wrap' unto a sphere. My code is currently ignoring them, so bits of the landmasses, like where western Europe breaks off of Asia, are rotated off to one side or another. It's going to be an interesting problem to stitch those back together without human intervention, while keeping the same side of all the hexes 'north'.
But, not at all bad for an initial stab. Once I solve the 'split' thing, I'll come back through and figure out how to 'zoom in' on individual hexes rather than regenerate the grid at the wanted scale.

Hope ya'll are having a good holiday.