Monday, July 25, 2022



The above remains my favorite hex type, though I do need to spend some more quality time around the Rockies to make sure. As I write this, I find myself once again in the great North American rainforest; this time in the western reaches of North Carolina, just on the far side of the Smoky Mountains where the Blue Ridge and Piedmont blend. 

I'm sitting on a deck a good 25 feet above the forest floor, and the trees within arm's reach stretch another 30 feet or more still. It's raining but that rain has yet to filter through the canopy. It's cool and green and good.


It is, as surprising to me as anyone else, the tenth anniversary of the blog, the illustrious Aluminum Anniversary. There's likely a time when I would have spun that into Something Relatable, maybe pulling out that merchant route calculator or what-have-you, but today is not that day. It hasn't been that day for quite a while - you may note that my plan to get through the backlog of unpublished posts here did not get out of it's own way, and we managed to miss the entirety of 2021. I was close to missing this minor milestone, in fact, but while packing for the trip I suddenly realized it was time for a Useless Summer Post - so let's go for whatever place on the podium the aluminum medal stands:

This was more than anything else a way for me to talk to myself with another voice, a luxury and a decadence, which has evidently lost its luster. I considered fading away, but will instead flicker out; spitting out the the grit of unpublished thoughts as it's become clear I'm not interested in enpearling them. Their irritation is more impediment than inspiration now.

Thanks to those that read, thanks to those that commented, and thanks to those that linked. I really did and do appreciate it.