Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Return to Lankhmar

I purchased the Lankhmar series in Ebook ($35 from Baen's website) and have been reading through - I'm nearing the end of Book 4, Swords Against Wizardry, in which the duo find themselves in Quarmall.

I'd read these piecemeal before, when younger, but coming at it now, I much more appreciate the 'Appendix N-ness' of the stories, and see what bits were lifted almost wholesale for DND.

I'll say this - it really makes me want to play the DCC RPG.

The metal band Cirith Ungol have a couple of songs entitled after Lieber's works; so I'm still following my unofficial rule of song lyrics (or titles, in this case) as post titles for non-play posts.

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