Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Greetings, Salutations


This is my (most likely abortive) attempt at blogging my efforts to introduce the next generation of players (i.e., my children, and the children of a few friends) to the hobby.

That hobby being the paper & pencil role playing game.

After a bit of tussling around with Trailblazer, a well done modification of base 3.5, I fell into a few blogs, and after a while, settled on Adventurer Conqueror King, from Autarch.

Not that Trailblazer wasn't excellent, and simplified 3.5 to some degree, but, after staring at a completed level 2 character sheet, I didn't see how I could pass it off to a 6 year old. "Going back to Basic", as it were, intrigued me, and ACKS has enough crunch in the domain management that I could probably not only develop the kids into kings and queens, but could lure the old band back together, maybe over Google+/Tabletop Forge.

Here's hoping.

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