Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Starting Age of Characters & Proficiencies

Ya'll almost went a whole 30 days without me. I can tell you're relieved. It's the start-of-school month, and it's been...something.

I've been looking at the raw beginnings of PCs - the normal men seeking the mage's tower, the scrub infantryman in the field, the kid in the bar carousing the first time, and whatever the hell it is novice clerics are doing.

I'd like to settle out what's going on before the character is first level. How'd they get there? What were they doing?

Longer term, I'd like to "build a class" by defining the first 20-some-odd years of a character's life - born to urban commoners, this character spent a term in the garrison, fell to brigandry, then found religion and joined a monastery. What's his class look like?

Consider the character who is a master in a craft - that meant something in medieval times - perhaps a chance at escaping the worst of poverty, at the very least, a social status at the very best - much more than an occasionally referenced note on a character sheet.

I've looked at the plight of normal man, as well, at least those that are good for something.

Recall, then, ACKS states that the normal man gains a proficiency after 5, 15, and 35 years of work.

Several of the starting ages for characters (ACKS, pg 248, ACKSPC pg 150) fall within those slots.

ClassBase AgeLowAvgHighDieTypeChance For Extra Proficiency
Mage172028353d695% / 9.3%
Mystic172028353d695% / 9.3%
Warlock172028353d695% / 9.3%

If you consider the time spent from Age 18 until you are magically a Level 1 PC, it's a virtual guarantee that Mages/Mystics/Warlocks will have an extra proficiency, somewhat probable Venturers will, and everyone else has a fighting chance.

The arcane casters and Mystic, in fact, get almost a 10% chance at a second one; though they're likely to hit the wall that is Middle Age during their adventuring careers.

Only barbarians and bards have no chance - no real surprise for either. Live fast, die young, berserking or rocking.