Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 8-14 of 30 - Characters and Adventures

I'm a cheater!

Day 8:30:Favorite Character You Have Played

Gruia the Alienist, a High Elf that fell into hard times as a youth and spent a few years on the open seas, his ears docked to try and pass as human. Wizard, summoning specialist, then Alienist prestige class from...Tome And Blood.


Did you know summoned Psuedonatural Dire Weasels can use their one-time True Strike (+20 to hit!) to bite (can't miss!), "attach" and drain CON in subsequent rounds? (Go home, 3rd Edition, you're drunk.)

Day 9:30:Favorite Character You Haven't Played

The one where I get to be a Fighter that establishes a domain.

Day 10:30:Craziest thing that's happened that you saw...

Less crazy, more a lesson? There's all sorts of crazy stories, but they've gone so far into legend I don't know how to tell them without unwrapping them from fable. And I won't even pretend I can compete with other blogs on this one.

During a campaign where I was a Halfling rogue (STR of 5, didn't need to roll damage for a 1d4 dagger), we had a night where only two players showed up, so we did some one off.

There was gonna be a long hard trek in through a riotous city to get to a ship on the docks to deliver something (or pick something up, I can't remember)

And, it took 5 minutes. As it happened, the DM forgot the other player that showed up had Boots of Flying.

Day 11:30:Favorite Adventure You Have Ran

I don't know I've ran enough to pick out anything in particular.

Day 12:30:Favorite Dungeon Type/Location

I'm a fan of ruined temples, I guess? It's an excuse for weird stuff.

Day 13:30:Favorite Trap/Puzzle

I'll be honest: 3E ruined me on traps. The fiddly rolls and stuff just kinda turned me off on the whole thing. I'll get better one day.

Day 14:30:Favorite NPC

Henwen, the fallen druid. I ran a modified Standing Stone, once upon a time. My wife was a druid as well.

At some point the party encountered her in her makeshift shrine; she was naked, fervently supplicating herself to several sects of Druidism all at once, and all up in a fugue. Having a crisis of faith, evidently, due to her role in events. 

I don't know what clicked with my wife, but she got all up in that druid's face, and we went into this ~15 minute long interrogation scene. At first, the other players were like, wat, and then they were like, woah, and then it started getting funny. They'll tell  you to this day they're not sure if that was "roleplaying" or if there was some sort of marital argument subtext going on. I'm going to pretend she saw her as a floundering colleague, and much like she can't in real life, she threatened Call Lightnings and summoned dire weasels and all sorts of fire and brimstone if Henwen wouldn't get her shit together.

Day 15-Favorite Monster (Undead)
Day 16-Favorite Monster (Abberation)
Day 17-Favorite Monster (Animal/Vermin)
Day 18-Favorite Monster (Immortal/Outsider)
Day 19-Favorite Monster (Elemental/Plant)
Day 20-Favorite Monster (Humanoid/Natural/Fey)
Day 21-Favorite Dragon Color/Type
Day 22-Favorite Monster Overall
Day 23-Least Favorite Monster Overall
Day 24-Favorite energy type
Day 25-Favorite magic item (your character’s or someone else’s)
Day 26-Favorite nonmagic item (your character’s or someone else’s)
Day 27-A character you want to play in the future
Day 28-A character you will never play ever again
Day 29-What is the number you always seem to roll on a d20?
Day 30-Best DM You’ve Had

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