Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 3 of 30: Favorite Playable Class

Day 3:30: Favorite Playable Class

Are there non-playable classes? Why would one bother with such a thing?


There's something clean (simple? pure?) about a man or woman taking up sword and shield against a world full of the randomest '70s inspired monsters, and, by opposing, end them, and perhaps found the start of a kingdom in the end.

You're not giving in to Chaos and picking up arcane spells, you're not relying on the favor of distant gods, and you're not skulking around.

In fact, here's the anthem for Fighters:

Fuck yeah. Go roll you some d8 hit die.

Walking out into the wilderness with a hit die and a sword, and walking out with a castle and an army. That sort of self-sufficiency (ignoring for the moment magical items, perhaps) is very ...libertarian? Randian? in a way, which is good, because fantasy worlds are the only places that sort of poor philosophy works out. Some quote about orcs and Atlas Shrugged would go here.

But it's fun to play.

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