Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 2 of 30: Favorite Playable Race

Day 2:30: Favorite Playable Race

As a player, I don't have one - I'm pretty sure I've played everything but a gnome, as I've never managed to conceive a character that fits that particular niche.

As another wanna-be world creator, I certainly do : Human.

The sci-fi part of me insists loudly that we have no business attempting to emulate how an entirely different species may comport themselves. Steeped in stories from the masters, I have this weird want to have my elves and dwarves entirely alien, not just humans with pointy ears, or Star Trek forehead-of-the-week aliens.

Not that I'm against that, mind you - Star Trek utilizes the forehead-of-the-week to tell a story about some part of humanity, or about being human.

And even those that have the incomprehensible alien (let's pick Joe Haldeman's Forever War as an example) uses them as merely a mirror to hold up against more human protagonists.

So for me it's cleaner to forgo the makeup and prostheses, and if I want to tell a story about humanity, just do it with humans.

And put all the foreheads-of-the-week in the dungeon (or dangerously fey forest)

It's kind of dumb, but there I am. I can easily see myself arguing the other way next week.

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