Saturday, December 1, 2012

Adventurer Conqueror King Proficiencies (Part 1)

Proficiencies! Not that there's not enough, but I've been puttering about with a lot of class-work with the ACKS Player's Companion, and there was one old fondness for the 1E Ranger I felt I needed:

  • Toughness: Classes with an HD Value of 1 gain an additional HD at level 1, and enjoy an additional 1d6 HP. Classes with an HD Value of 2 may gain a second die of d8 HP, but this costs two powers. Constitution modifier, if any, is applied to both die.

The next four are from Astonishing Swordsman and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. Look it up! I had a compatriot with the box set inform me of some of the unique class powers in the book, and I've ACKS-fied them. (hence my previous post on converting d20 to d12)

  • Draw Poison: The character has been well inured to the dangers of poison, and is skilled in drawing it out from a sting, bite, or other shallow puncture. A proficiency throw of 11+ will draw the poison within 2 rounds of the attack, 14+ within 4 rounds, and 18+ within 6 rounds. Ingested poisons or poison from envenomed blades are untreatable with these methods.

  • Sense Magic: The character may recognize the presence of magic at work, whether as a sense of foreboding, a taste in one's mouth, or other visceral reaction. A proficiency throw of 14+ reveals the presence of magic in the immediate area, but no details as to it's type or function. Minor magical items, dweomers, or effects are too slight to be detected, and this in no way replaces Detect Magic. <unsure whether this should count as only 1/2 a power>

  • Fighting Style: Mounted: The character is particularly adept at mounted charges; you gain an extra +1 to-hit when making a charge, and will triple your damage on a successful hit.

  • Wilderness Stride: The character may negotiate tricky natural undergrowth (briars, thorns, vines, etc.) at normal speed, without leaving a discernible trail if desired. The character may also conceal the tracks of a number of people equal to his/her level when moving at half speed.

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