Friday, January 1, 2016

Autarch's Patreon

Happy New Year.

Lairs & Encounters finished successfully - just a hair over the amount needed to unlock the final Christmas Special stretch goal.

So, all ya'll are getting some pretty badass monsters added in. Hope you remembered to back it.

Autarch Patreon

Autarch has started a Patreon - Alex Macris is always putting out little rules updates and such on the Autarch forums, and he wanted to do more - hence the Patreon.

We patrons have already gotten a new resource: a Spellcaster Type Creation system.

Following in the heels of the Player's Companion, where you could create your own spells, comes a way to customize an entire source of magic.

From the blurb:

In the Adventurer Conqueror King System , there are only two types of magic: divine magic and arcane magic. All of the spellcasting character classes in ACKS and Player’s Companion use one or both of these types of magic. The two types of characters represent the most common and popular archetypes of myth,
legend, film, and literature. However, they also incorporate certain assumptions that might not be appropriate for every setting. For instance, in a setting similar to Robert E. Howard’s Hyboria, the Judge might want sorcery-wielding priests who can heal and animate the dead, but learn their spells through study like mages.
The rules in the attached PDF follow enable Judges to create new magic types with different characteristics that can be used with the Players’ Companion to create very different spellcasting classes.
These rules were built for my internal use during the development of the upcoming Heroic Companion, which features an Eldritch magic type for use in heroic fantasy settings. With these rules, along with the monster creation rules in Lairs & Encounters, you have the building blocks to re-create virtually any fantasy setting.

It's a hell of a thing. Recall, if you will, the 11 spell categories from the ACKSPC. By altering the default multiplier for your source, or eliminating categories entirely, you can customize a new type of spellcaster with a unique spell source - and experience point value.

 It's a fully realized thing too - after you've established how your spellcaster should operate, spell wise, there's guidelines on spell slots, a way to calculate a divine repertoire number, how the class should interact with the various magic item/research rules depending on it's category multipliers, as well as guidance on saving throw progressions and such. A new repertoire type, "Inherited", is also introduced.

What you end up with is a new spellcaster build option that slots right along with Arcane and Divine, fully customizable  to how you think magic could work in your world.

I've said it before, but what Autarch is able to do with the class builder, spell builder, the upcoming monster builder from Lairs and Encounters, in a system that was very much a product of play and fiddling, and never really meant to be mathematically equatable, is nothing short of miraculous.

Hell, d20 or 4E couldn't do what has been done here and those two were supposed to be...formulaic, for lack of a better term. I've mentioned True Sorcery here before; which tried to make the d20 spell list createable on-the-fly...and while a noble effort, ultimately unusable.

Obviously, I'm an Autarch supporter - you can tell that by the rest of the blog.

The subsystems they're putting out - derived from the structure of the game itself in many cases, or emergent from the base economics ACKS starts with - are enabling judges and players to put a highly customized stamp on their games and their worlds.

The publishers of The World's Most Popular Versions are feeding you stories and paths, trickling out disparate content you have to figure out - they're not helping you figure out how  your campaign world works.

They're giving you a show - a guided tour through their worlds...sit back and enjoy it, if you're that type.

Autarch's giving you the tools, not a plot. The cameras, the crew, they're showing you the back lot where the sets are, where to find the sound guys and the costumers. They're letting you go create - with a supporting structure that won't fall over when you look at it crosseyed. A place your players can walk into without a script and start ad libbing.

Check out Autarch's Patreon and see what you're missing - then come by the forums and find a great group of folks that are a lot more interested in enabling play and having a good time with it.

(without, I may add, the extraneous bullshit that infests other RPG forums)

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  1. Eh, I used and abused the heck out of True Sorcery, but yeah, the barrier to entry was high and I ended up creating parameterized spell-templates out-of-game to reduce in-game workload.