Monday, September 28, 2015

The Sinister Stone of Sakkara: Released

Sakkara is out in PDF.

I expect POD/etc. to follow once backers have their physical product.

My review of it is here - a review still valid as the final product was completed before the Kickstarter launched. Matthew Skail did a great job of reinterpreting the classic B2 module for the themes of ACKS and the Auran Empire setting.

A few extra highlights:
  • The module shows you how to outfit the supplies for a fortification, from water supply to horse feed. That's good info to have for any number of occasions.
  • Autarch's crisp look and feel continues in this product - clear text cleanly presented, the best in the small publisher business. I will mention this for every product they put out. (except Dwimmermount, and I lamented it's absence there)
  • Two landscape pieces by Jeff Brown, one of the fort and one of the adventure site, really stand out - both color two-page spreads. More landscapes should be used.
  • Michael Syrigos and William McAusland fill out the art with various black and white sketches; all well done and evoking the feel of the Auran setting. 

That's 80 pages of a campaign kickoff for $5 in PDF - I don't know why it's all Crazy Alex pricing over there all the time but there you have it. 

Back to Blackmarsh in the next episode. I unpacked my Wacom pen+tablet and I was feeling artsy so the map showing realm hexes claimed is delayed while I get that out of my system, instead of just using the map included with the product like a normal person. On the plus side I feel like I almost have an acceptable method for drawing forests.

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