Sunday, June 14, 2015

On The Move: Silmarillion

Well, all the stuff is moved. Still to do is put it all away, and rebuild my office. But before that, the old house has to be spruced up and sold.

And find some screws for my TV's base - turns out I won't be hanging it on the wall again in the new house. Evidently where the best place to put it is there's a lot of plumbing in the wall.

I am not putting a quarter inch bolt through a stack pipe my first week in a new house. :)

From the dark recesses of my old basement's built-in shelving (oh, how I'll miss them...):

Without dustcover, evidently. This is the first American printing, 1977.

It has a fold-out map of Beleriand in the back:

How many campaigns' mythologies found inspiration from a reading of this book?

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  1. WOW, I just LOVE that Fold out Beleriand map - a thing of beauty indeed!