Thursday, May 28, 2015

On the Move: More Tokens

We have, somewhat unexpectedly, decided to move.

This wasn't 'bad unexpected', there was some conversation, some possibilities talked about, and we started looking around to see what was going on.

As these things go, we found what's very close to the perfect house.

So, we bought it, despite being completely unprepared to do so, and without having our current home ready for sale. It's all rather less organized and thought-out than I'm accustomed to.

We're moving within the six mile hex, so our only guaranteed encounter is with a Mortgage (30*** HD)

Real life once again intrudes into the worlds of heroes and horrors - you, however, will enjoy a series of throw-away posts while we get all this shit packed, moved, unpacked, then a extraneous house cleaned, fixed, sold. And there's a ~2 week summer vacation buried in there too!

Heady times!

First up, I found the rest of those tokens I'd talked about back when.

Damn straight that's him, Grimlock. When you absolutely, positively need a tyranno/raptor-like robotic dinosaur, accept no substitutes.

These were from a Mutants & Masterminds 3E game with the children. Top center, a bad guy (can't recall the name) - a hyperintelligent dinosaur from the distant past bent on restoring the world he knows.

Also pictured - the group of orange-suited guys mid-left - their leader on the bottom. That's some sort of Black Manta analogue, with henchmen. Helpful police on the far left, innocent (perhaps...) bystanders on the bottom right (including two white-coated scientists, whose fault something will surely be). Pretty sure #20 is a detective, as evidenced by the trench coat and mustache.

Bottom left, two PCs - blonde and pink is my eldest daughter, a sort of Starfire-esque strong flying beam-shooter. Next to her with the motorcycle is my wife, who is much like a Ghost Rider if Cyndi Lauper was Ghost Rider, without the skull motif.

...far upper right is an Elsa foot. A bit of epoxy and a brad stuck halfway up her calf got that back on.

I really like M&M 3E, despite a few flaws. I personally houseruled Toughness a bit into more of a condition track system with degree-of-hit tracking...I think I posted that earlier? It was fun. I'd like to go back to it and take the simplification-scythe to it again, and see what happens.