Friday, February 1, 2013

Belated Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game Appreciation Post

So, here's the day late post.

Talking about the mechanics or design of the game ought be better left to the game itself  - it's free, and that's the key thing, and you can go make  a judgement on your own terms.

What BFRPG is, to establish my hyperbolic trajectory, is a culmination of what started so long ago, when wargames were first gaining their first person perspectives, and each group added their own rules for their own game. Those rules percolated around via mail and during conventions, and new product occasionally arose from it.

That went away for a while, but, then Ryan Dancey, who can only assume was a time travelling mole from those early days, established the OGL.

And set it all free again.

Here we are, some 12 years later from when the gates opened, picking up where the 70s left off - the 'zines are mostly blogs, the games happen across the webcam rather than across the table, and men and women who just love gaming are spreading that love far and wide.

There's definitions of the OSR that delineate it around game mechanics, or sandboxing campaigns, or character lethality, and so on. It's not that - never was.

My money's made using open source software. That also started back in the 60s and 70s, when new ideas and code raced along a proto-Internet between universities, and came back with a vengeance in the mid-90s.

I'm seeing that here at BFRPG again - the people and community who love an idea, and are putting that out there in the world so that other people can use it and love it too. The game itself, supplemental rules, enough adventures to last a campaign. Everything a kid would need to get themselves into this hobby, right there, a click away.

That's the OSR - the people in it, the ideas being spread, the games being played. Games like BFRPG, spread widely, spread freely,  are a cornerstone of this community.

So, pop over there - to the Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game and see what's going on. I just found an idea to use while I was scrolling through their website writing this post. What will you find?

As an addendum, with the impending release of the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons "proper" - having these open and free alternatives out in toe forefront when the wave of new interest spikes is of great importance. That's the "gimmie", the "first taste" that leads to branching out into other products, especially those that come out of the small publishers circling around the OSR.

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